The Truth Exposed & A Burden Lifted


Being at a Bible college is a great. However sometimes it is very easy to become the outsider or to feel alone. Even more so when you are struggling or in my case hiding something. Luckily, in my case, I no longer have to hide anything. You see here is my truth. I have never been over seas, or at least I had never been overseas.

The Truth- Until March 7th, 2014 I had never been overseas.

Now obviously I’m not being entirely serious. However it is a little awkward to be in an environment that is cultured, diverse, and travels and then there is me in that culture. The guy from Iowa who tries to make himself sound cooler because he was born in the South. Yet, he has never traveled out of the country… well once to Canada but that doesn’t really count. That is until now. I was accepted to go on a team of 10 to Formby, England to work with the Baptist church there. The flight left March 7th and the travel was long in deed, yet relaxing for sure. Though I’ll admit the flying was pretty depressing because 39,000+ feet in the air it was only -10 degrees colder than Chicago got this winter.


Burden was lifted when I landed in Manchester England on March 8th .

Now the first few days there were great after landing in Manchester the church bus drove us to Formby our final destination. Where I got to finally meet my host for the next two weeks, and begin to really adjust to the time difference. Monday the team had a day off to relax and recuperate from travel. For this day off we got to visit Liverpool and get a tour of the city where the Beatles launched their career.


The next few weeks flew by and there is so much I could say about all of the amazing people I met and the things I got to do. For instance, on our other free day of the trip we went to Wales and wandered around a castle.

While on the trip I was in charge of Children’s ministry. Which means I was responsible for three weeks of Sunday, two weeks of Kings Kids (the churches midweek kids program), help with the other events, and also I was given the opportunity to speak in a primary school (elementary school). All of these were great opportunities and it was great to be able to work with them team. They even put up on me when I decided to be creative and write a drama to use at the primary school.

Some of the team practicing for the drama (Photo credit: Halli Smith).

Drama photo

The Sunday School crew my last day in England.


Overall the trip was a great time and I was blessed to work with such a great team of people. Truly I have learned a lot and gained perspective from this trip. If I am ever able to go back I will count myself truly blessed. For now though I am grateful to be at Moody studying God’s word with some of my closest friends. And now the next time people talk about their overseas experience I will jump in! Then proceed to tell them of all the adventures I had in England.

Photo of the team in the airport about to take off for America (Photo Credit: Unity Ostercamp)



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