Children’s Ministry: 5 Questions Every Parent Should Ask Volunteers

What if I told you there were people who took time every week to voluntarily work with your children? Sounds pretty great, right? Well, these people exist. They are helping in churches all across the world every week. They serve because they realize, like you, how important it is for your children to hear about Christ. My question for you though is how many of you know the people that work with your kids? Well here are 5 things I think you should ask these leaders.

1. What is your name? It sounds so simple, but how many of you can name the different leaders who work with your kids? Before I worked in children’s ministry I served as a volunteer for seven years. During this time I would say that maybe 20-30 parents total asked me what my name was, not counting those whom I already knew. It seems like a simple thing but it will show the leaders you care. Also, it will give you a little more context when you converse with your children.

2. How is (insert child’s name here)  doing in class? Whether you have a child that behaves like an angel or a child that requires a little extra grace, this is a great question. Why? By asking this question it shows that you care about what happens in the class. Also, it provides the opportunity for the leader to give you solicited feedback on how your kids are doing.

3. How can I take what you teach on a Sunday morning home? Chances are if you ask your kids what they learned in class that day you are not going to get much out of them. So ask the leaders what material they are covering. This not only helps you stay informed, but it lets you build upon things that have already been taught when you do devotions at home.

4. What memory verse are you learning right now? Memory verses are hard to teach kids if they only hear it on Sundays. Do your kids and their leaders a favor by finding out what that verse is and practice it with your kids. I encourage you to learn the verse as well. Never underestimate the power of scripture memory. If your church does not do memory verses find out if there is a passage that goes with what they are studying. Then you can choose a key verse or two to memorize.

5. How can I pray for you and the kids in your class? Never ever underestimate the power or importance of prayer. The leaders may or may not have specific things for you every week, but never stop praying for that time. Include your kids with you in these prayers and ask them if they know of anything to be praying for.

These are five simple questions to ask. However, I do not see them asked enough. Build 3-5 extra minutes into your post-church scramble a few times a month. Use this time to ask questions and start the conversation with these leaders. Then, it is up to you to build the relationship.


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