Is the Nuclear Family dead?


Is the Nuclear Family Dead? This is a question I find myself wondering often. Mainly because it appears to have been almost decades since the goals for the family have shifted. Styles, fads, and even how we classify generations to change. In fact not only do they change but also we know where we fit within these classifications. I mean the fact is that there are not too many baby boomer hipsters out there rocking iPhones and sipping third wave coffee. (Although in the off chance you are reading this and have a picture of that please, please that). You see this is not new information to anyone it is an unspoken fact. Yet, we as a culture are still holding on to the idea that the family has not changed. It’s time to face the facts the “Leave it to Beaver” lifestyle is gone, and frankly it is an impossible goal for so countless numbers of families. If you are from a two-parent home and can be supported on one income you are an outlier in many places. Even if you fit within these two categories you are still on your own because a culture does not support you and efforts.

Reality check: The family has shifted from operating as a unit and promoting togetherness, to operating together for individual’s goals. Thereby communicating in a non-verbal way that individual’s goals are more important than the family.

Families go to games to cheer on the individual, families prioritize activities over time together, and instead of doing things that draw them together they prioritize things that tear them apart. Now let me be completely clear, the nuclear family did not die because you let your kid sign up for soccer. The nuclear family died when you started making the activities about the individual instead of the family.

Let me explain my thoughts here. We all need to realize that activities and overcommitment are not a new fight at all. These are old battles that gain new faces every few years. What we need to do is evaluate the activities in our lives. This includes extracurricular, church, and really anything that gets at least an hour a week of our time. Do these activities promote individuality or do they draw our families together? The next question we have to ask about these activities is if they include God? After all, He should be the most important member of your family. Everything you do should promote who your family is and the most important member, Jesus Christ. This isn’t an easy thing to establish because every family is different and the world is fighting against you. Yet, at the end day, this is what is worth fighting for. Not the nuclear family model set up in the past, but a family that operates together and for Christ. Set aside your cookie cutters parents and start making your family operate together and for God. Not based off of some ideals set a long time ago who had no idea what your family would look like. Be in prayer about this, identify what your family looks like, and promote a family that operates together for Christ.


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