Three Year Plan For KidMin


I’m a planner- If you know me a little you know that I like to be on top of things. Around the office, one of my coworkers likes to joke that I have my own special type of the type A personality. Which is the sense that we are all created unique I guess that his statement is true. You see find joy in organization, details, and I recognize that one of my spiritual gifts is administration (Yes- that is an actual one).  When I say that I’ve started planning what I am doing for my church’s KidMin through May 2019 know that it comes out of a desire to do best with what has been given to me.

This plan isn’t something new or random that I decided to do when I went to work yesterday. No, this is something that I have been praying over, researching, and planning for a while and will continue to tweak for even longer. Yesterday though, yesterday was visualization day. I went in to work rearranged my office, to allow better access to the whiteboard and began writing it out. It took me most of the day, but I put on the board everything. A plan for curriculum, scope and sequence, events, goals, communication tools, standards, etc. until I ran out of room. There is something powerful about seeing it all on one board. Looking at the board made me excited to see what God will do, to hear what my leadership team likes and hates, and excited to erase some things and add others.

Note: Lot’s of these things are still in the air and are being tweaked, so you aren’t supposed to be able to read everything or really anything. However, I thought a visual might be nice. 

I Plan Because I have To- As soon as I posted the image above on social media I started getting a lot of feedback about being an overachiever. For me, I feel like I am doing the bare minimum when it comes to laying out a course to lead the kids on. On the most generous of developmental scales, I work with four different stages each week. This can mean one lesson, but if I am doing it well there are four different ways that I am teaching and using that lesson (different games, crafts, reviews, etc.). Now curriculum is a Godsend and the fact that other people write lessons I can use or tweak is great. Since if I had to create it all on my own from scratch I would get burned out pretty fast. However, I still need to select and know these lessons, which is where a plan comes in. Also, I need to be ahead on these things so that I can do and plan for other things. Sunday morning curriculum and lessons is only one part of my job. So all that to say yes planning is key and I plan because I have to.

Almost Nothing Is Set In Stone- I will always seek to have a ministry that teaches the truth of God’s word and helps lead people to grow to know Him more. Outside of that my plans cannot be set in stone. Everything else is open for input, adaptation, and God to work. A professor of mine in college use to say that you always have to hold things with an open palm towards God. With your palm open you cannot hold on to the item if God decides to take it away or change it. You can only do your best to take care of it while it rests in your palm. All the while knowing that God is in control and you can plan how to take care of it, but at the end of the day, your plans mean nothing if they combat with His.

PS- Now ask me what I’m doing with my life in three years…


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