CM Connect- A Healthy Culture Within Your Ministry

I’ve had the privilege this week to attend CM Connect Conference in Corydon, IN. During this conference, I have heard a lot of great speakers and will do my best to post my thoughts on what they taught. However, I encourage you to check out CM Connect’s website and get recordings of the different session for yourself.

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CM Connect- Creating a Healthy Culture Within Your Ministry Team

Teams always present an interesting dynamic because let’s face it working with people can be messy. I am blessed to be part of a great staff at the moment, but that isn’t always the case. That’s why when I saw a session titled “Creating a Healthy Culture Within Your Ministry” I was intrigued. Brent Dumler spoke to us and shared many worthwhile thoughts on the subject. There were three main points that stuck out to me in regards creating a healthy atmosphere for staff. A healthy atmosphere is one where you feel supported in life, in ministry, and in your relationship with God.

Support in Life- In introducing this thought, Brent spoke of a staff member who had an impact on him. This staff member went out of his way to pray for Brent and seek to have a relationship with him. Staff relationships aren’t one-sided. It’s up to both parties to build and invest in one another. Brent also said, “Teams should minister to each other as much as they minister to the church”. Your team needs your support and you need their support. However, this support will never come if you do not start the conversation and be open and vulnerable with them.



Support in Ministry- Ministry silos are easy to establish and hard to break down. We need to work together towards a common goal and avoid the pitfalls of getting caught up in “our ministry”. Brent talked about looking for a “common thread” in the different areas of the church. This is key. If we desire to be unified, we need to establish this during the planning stage. At a bare minimum, you should align with the vision and/or mission of your church.

Support in Your Relationship with God- A healthy church body will encourage both its staff and members in their relationship with God. They will hold you accountable and be supportive of your time with the Lord. Your ministry will suffer if they are not supportive. Keep in mind, they cannot support you if you are not open and vulnerable with them.

It’s important to remember your ministry is not just your job. Christ love for us should radically impact how we live, so if God called you to a specific ministry you had better be ready to go all in. Ready to support those you serve within their lives, ministry, and relationship with God. What Brent said should not be a foreign concept, but it should be part of the structure built within your staff.

“Teams should minister to each other as much as they minister to the church”- Brent Dumler



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