Parents- It’s Time to Spring Clean Your Activities!

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Spring is here…well mostly here. Spring is a time of preparation. You might be preparing to clean out your garage, attempting to get in shape for the summer, or maybe you are finally getting around to trashing those college t-shirts that have been sitting in your closet for years. Whatever your form of cleaning may be, I want to add one more thing this Spring: I want you to spend time cleaning out your activities.

I get it. You are involved in your things, your kids are involved in their things, and then you have responsibilities like work, school, and church. Busyness is quick to control us when we let it. Let me be clear, I am not asking you to drop any activities. What I am asking you to do is clean them up by reprioritizing them. Where we put our time speaks volume to our children, and as parents, you are meant to steward your families time. What in your life truly gets the most time? What in your life gets more time than it probably should?

This spring I want to encourage you to identify the level of importance of each activity in your life. Below are five simple steps to start the cleaning process that I encourage you all to do. These steps will not fix your schedule and may not even identify any problems. My hope is that you simply start the conversation and begin to take ownership of your families time.

Spring Cleaning Activity:

1. Sit down with your spouse, or the entire family. Make a list of all of your activities
and copy it to a second piece of paper.

2. Take the first piece of paper and on your own number each activity by the
level of importance you think it currently gets (1 being the highest priority). Then
put that sheet face down and take the second sheet of paper. Now number each
activity by the order you think it should be in.

3. Compare the differences on each sheet with your spouse or the whole family.
Then take a third sheet of paper and come up with the new order of
importance that you both agree on.

4. Read Romans 12:1-2

5. Then go over the following questions:

a. How does this list of activities show that our family is living sacrifices to God?
b. Is what we are committing our time to healthy for our family to operate for Christ, or are we conforming to the world’s expectations?
c. Do our children see how our commitments help us follow God, or do they think we are just busy?
d. Are there ways as a family we can take some of our current activities and transform them so that we can operate as a family for Christ?
e. What action steps do we need to take to “clean” our schedule?


Comment with your thoughts here.

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