Are you new here?


It’s Saturday. Tomorrow morning is church. You’ve been attending this church for a while now and you’re ready to step out of your comfort zone. You walk up to someone who you haven’t seen before, you prep your most welcoming upbeat voice, take a deep breathe, and you ask the question…

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To The Class of 2015


Class of 2015 we are now graduates of Moody Bible Institute! For those of you who attend the Vesper’s service this is the written/updated version of what I shared then. However, I wanted to make sure everyone got the opportunity to hear how much I have enjoyed serving all of you the past four years.

In preparing to speak I thought back on the past four years and as I thought back I have truly loved serving all of you. Even if for most of you that just meant telling you how to avoid getting yet another fine. Seriously though what I love most about Moody is not the classes, people, events, or anything along those lines. (Though all of those things are phenomenal). As I sat down and reflected on my time here and all the great and stupid things I’ve done what came to me is I love how Moody represents the Church as a whole. Now that does not mean I’m proud of everything we do –but the same goes for the church.

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My College Checklist


“Far and away the best prize that life has to offer is the chance to work hard at work worth doing”. -Theodore Roosevelt

I am a planner. When I was preparing to leave for college four years ago I gave myself a checklist. Get good grades, graduate with no debt, buy a car, build a resume that would allow me to get the job I wanted right out of school, and I would be lying if I said I was not hoping to meet a girl. Which even though I have yet to meet the girl for me I am proud to say all the other boxes are checked. After almost four years of working crazy hours and doing about every extra thing I could I am ready to graduate in 37 days.

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