CM Connect 2017: Day 1 & 2


For the past three years I have had the privilege of attending the CM Connect Conference. Each year I have found it to be a great atmosphere to grow as a leader, learn new ideas in children’s ministry, and to be encouraged by the capital C Church. I have already filled up many pages in my notebook with thoughts, ideas, and people to follow up with. I have a handful of thoughts that need to be delved into more before sharing them. However, here are some of my biggest take aways so far: Continue reading


4 Tips for Teaching Parents Church Isn’t Just Childcare

nursery_workers_needed_std_t_ntChildcare can do a lot of great things for your kids. When you work with kids you want them to be safe, you want them to have fun, and you want them to make friends. The church is no different in these areas. However, the kids programming at church is not just childcare. What does that mean for how we do church? What are ways we can encourage our parents to treat church differently? Here are a few suggestions on what to tell them:
1. Fill the Gap– What you do to disciple and teach your kids at home does not have to be separate from the church. The volunteers serve because they care for your kids, but ultimately they want to teach your kids about God. Move beyond the “hello” or the “thank you” with your kids. Talk to them, or talk to me, about how we can better partner with you in raising your child. Show your kids that church doesn’t just watch them, but that the volunteers have something more they want your child to know.

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Volunteer Draft


If you know me, you know I am not a huge football fan. However, recently I tried out a volunteer draft with the kid’s leadership team at my church. This was to see what volunteers are right where they need to be and who might need to be drafted into a new position.  So a draft board was made displaying all the different roles there are between the different services and a list of everyone currently serving. Continue reading